Welcome to the new homepage of SPP-Modellbau

Your expert in scale parts and painting

SPP-Modellbau is a small company, based in the beautiful alpine upland of Bavaria, Germany. We're specialized on the buildup, painting and weathering of scale models, but you can also get a lot of custom-made glass fiber reinforced parts. As well as all products of the notable companies like Tomahawk Design, Hacker, Jeti, Engel-Modellbau, CARF, Power Box Systems and many more.
Furthermore, we are offering a full buildup service for your scale plane.

While it is our top priority to produce in time on a high level of precision, we always try to meet the demands and requests of our customers.
As a matter of course, only premium-quality material is used.

You can take a look at this gallery to see many of the projects, that were realised in the past.
But there is also a list of the model airplanes, we are flying on our own.
There are various subitems in our gallery, divided into specific areas.
You can track the status of your project via our picture-based report under "Work in Progress".
All of our completed projects are listet under the point named "Abgeschlossen".
You can find an abstract of some of our highlights by having a look at the gallery on this homepage.

There is a list of our self-made products which includes the corresponding prices. You can get these pdf-files at the download section.

Due to the cooperation with the companies mentioned above, we can also offer ready-to-fly models.

But SPP-Modellbau is also the right contact if you've got damages on your scale model and want to have it repaired. There are several examples in our gallery under the point "Reparaturservice".

We have access to a 3D printer and CNC-milled parts. We would be pleased to make you an offer.

If there are any questions left, you can contact us anytime via e-mail or by phone (monday to thursday, 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM and friday, 08:00 AM to 01:00 PM ). You can also check out our new facebook presence named SPP-Modellbau.

We hope you enjoy our new homepage and wish you always a great time at your airfield.